About Me

Kriti S

Kriti S

Meet Kriti, a culinary virtuoso turning mundane meals into extraordinary adventures. With a masters degree in hand, a white collar job suited her the best. However, seizing a fork in the road, she swapped her office attire for an apron and spatula, bravely chasing her culinary dream. Fueled by spontaneity and a hearty appetite, Kriti embarked on a culinary escapade, driven by a passion for diverse cuisines. With an unwavering love for all things delicious, eating her way through life, one meal at a time.

A self-proclaimed foodie, her culinary ventures span from bustling street markets to upscale dining, where she embraces flavors with infectious enthusiasm.

Kriti weaves tales that tantalize taste buds. Her writing, a delightful blend of humor, vivid descriptions, and insightful anecdotes, invites readers on a foodful journey imbued with love and a sprinkle of magic, promising a delightful exploration of culinary enchantment.